ERS Broker Validation Minimum Standards FAQs


Q. What policies do the Broker Validation Minimum Standards apply to?

A. Pr
oducts the Standards apply to:


·         Taxi

·         Transportation

·         Motorcycle

·         Car

·         Van

·         Minibus

·         Motor Trade

·         Specialist Commercial Vehicle

·         Non Standard Van

·         Non Standard Car

·         Non Standard Taxi


Products the Standards don't apply to:


·         Horsebox

·         Motorhome

·         Showmans

·         Classic Car Direct

·         Classic Car 

·         Kits, Mods & Imports

·         Farmers Plan

·         Rural Van

·         Rural Car

·         Bus & Coach

·         Fleet

·         SME Fleet

·         Motor Breakdown


Q. Why has ERS taken this approach?

This is part of ERS' overall new fraud strategy for 2016 whereby we are taking a zero tolerance approach to fraud & misrepresentation and, as a result, we need to ensure that our policyholders are who they say they are and live where they say they live. We must also be confident that the information we quote a risk on is accurate and complete.

Q. What happens if the policyholder does not send the documents to you within the first 14 days?

If nothing is received within the first 14 days of the policy inception, then you should issue a 7 day cancellation letter for non-receipt of documents and provide a pro-rata refund, less a £25 administration fee.


Q. Who can I contact at ERS if I am having difficulties in obtaining all the documents for a policyholder?

A. We have a dedicated Validation team that you can contact on 0330 1232405 or by e-mail at

Q. At what date will ERS launch the Standards?

A. The new Broker Validation Minimum Standards are being introduced this month. You will then have until 4th April 2016 to prepare yourselves for our new requirements before our audit team will begin sampling cases.
In the meantime we will continue our own post-binding checks.

We will update the FAQs on the Broker Minimum Standards page on our website that you can access here. If you have any feedback then please email the Validation team:


 For more information on our Customer Validation Best Practice please click here.