Our claims service

Our claims service is manned by people who understand the vehicles we insure, the types of claims that could arise, and how to get you moving quickly again.

So if you ever need to make a claim, you know they will be talking to someone who understands the issues involved and the risks that can happen.

Of course, you don't want a claim to drag on too long, so our team will work hard to resolve everything as soon as possible.

If you need to make a claim right now, simply call or email us and we'll get things moving. Just take a look at our contact details to find the right claims team.

The FAQs on making a claim are available here.

Contact Details

Classic, Modified & Kit Car: 0330 123 5992

Motorcycle: 0330 123 5992

Car: 0330 123 5992

Van: 0330 123 5992

Non Standard Car & Van: 0330 123 5992

Transportation: 0330 123 5991

Showman: 0330 123 5991

Specialist Commercial Vehicle: 0330 123 5991

Fleet 10+: 0330 123 5991

Fleet 4+: 0330 123 5991

Motorhome: 0330 123 5992

Taxi: 0330 123 5991

Coach & Bus: 0330 123 5991

Minibus: 0330 123 5991

Farmer: 0330 123 5991

Rural Community: 0330 123 5991

Getting in touch

Whether you're making a claim, setting up a policy for a new client or simply have a question about our cover.

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Our products

Ice cream vans, lorries, horse boxes, we insure just about every type of motor vehicle driven today.

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Who are ERS?

We are the largest motor syndicate at Lloyd’s,  and have been providing insurance to customers for 60 years.

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