​​​​​​​​​Our services

We offer a wide range of insurance, to cover non-standard vehicles or cases. We don't just look at your vehicle, we look at you. By understanding what you need from your vehicle, and your particular circumstances, we can craft the policy that fits you exactly.

We only offer cover through our brokers, as they really understand their customers and can offer a truly personal service.

Whatever you drive, we can cover it

Classic Car

We understand the love and care drivers put into their cars, and offer a dedicated team focused on delivering tailor-made solutions.


We cater for everything from small family farms to large, multi-location estate management teams, and understand the wide variety of occupations that are part of day-to-day farming life.

Kit cars

Kit car drivers have invested love and time in creating their perfect vehicle. We make sure to protect their pride and joy.


Modified vehicles

There are lots of ways drivers can modify a vehicle, from small enhancements to more extensive changes.

Motor fleets

As a leading player in the fleet market, we know how to cover everything from small family-run firms to large national companies, including private cars, small vans, HGVs, minibuses and coaches.


We have a huge range of experience covering private and contract hire minibuses, specialising in educational establishments, charities, associations and religious groups.


Coaches and buses

We specialise in owner operated bus and coach business, and understand the unique requirements and dynamics of family run businesses.


Every driver has a history, and we're happy to hear it. Our dedicated experts will go out of their way to provide an option of cover for everyone.


Different demands on business create different demands on a vehicle. We know the pressures that drivers are under, and can design cover accordingly.



When problems with a motorhome happen, they need to be resolved as soon as possible. We make sure we come to the rescue fast.


In this sector, the vehicle is the business. We know the business owners are responsible and reliable, which is why we can create bespoke cover for them.

Motor breakdown

We offer customers the chance to include just the cover that suits them, such as home service or recovery to their home, so they spend just the amount they need.



Whether a driver is working for Hire and Reward, or moving their own goods, we'll cover them. Even if a vehicle is above the normal weight limit or carrying hazardous goods.

Rural community

The rural community has a different pace of life, and the insurance provided reflects this.


Taxi drivers need a completely different type of insurance from standard car cover. We look at how much they are doing to bring the risks down, and design cover accordingly.


Specialist commercial vehicles

We can cover all manner of risks, such as mobile retailers who are selling food or goods, as well as vehicles carrying hazardous materials like pyrotechnics or asbestos.


Through targeting our scheme and adapting our standard cover, we can accommodate around 95% of the biker market.