​​No Claims Bonus proof

The amount of No Claims Bonus you hold entitles you to a discount on your annual premium based on the number of years claim-free driving you have achieved.

The 'proof' of No Claims bonus will be provided to you in the form of your renewal invite, or a certificate, from your last insurer.

Bogus companies operating on-line offer such documents for a fee – however, these forms of No Claims Bonus entitlement are falsified and providing them to us or your broker could invalidate your policy.

Your broker and ERS will check documents submitted to ensure they are authentic and may contact the insurer named on the document to verify it.

Illegal Intermediaries or 'Ghost Brokers'

At ERS we only sell our insurance products via trusted brokers.

However, in the online marketplace fraudsters posing as insurance brokers offer cheap cover and often target individuals unfamiliar with how insurance operates in the UK.

These illegal insurance intermediaries - or 'Ghost Brokers' as they are commonly known - may go to great lengths to appear legitimate, including elaborate websites and false registration numbers. They can also operate via on-line auction sites.

The cover purchased by unsuspecting victims is not valid since policies sold on by 'Ghost Brokers' are based on false name, address, dates of birth and vehicle details. Often stolen or cloned cards are used to purchase the invalid insurance, then the documents are sold on.

To avoid falling victim to such a scam always contact a legitimate firm to arrange cover.

You can check if a firm is registered by the Financial Conduct Authority by checking they appear on the Financial Services Register.

Find a registered broker in your area using the Find a Broker service from the British Insurance Brokers Association.

Claims Fraud

ERS has a zero tolerance to claims fraud because it can negatively affect innocent policyholders in two ways: 

  • The Association of British Insurers believes that it adds £50 to the cost of motor insurance premiums.                  
    Criminals may seek to manoeuvre innocent motorists into induced accidents in order to benefit from claims. 

If you suspect fraud then please contact our dedicated hotline on
03300 535 891.  All calls will be treated in the strictest confidence.       

Application Fraud

It is important that your insurance policy is based on the correct information.

Providing incorrect or false details, or failing to disclose information when requested, could render your insurance policy as 'null and void' or cancelled.​

To ensure we sell the correct cover, the following are details which may be checked by ERS, or your broker on our behalf:

  • Your claims history
    Your identity
    Your address
    The validity of any debit or credit card used to purchase your policy – to ensure that stolen and cloned cards are not used
    Your No Claims Bonus entitlement
    The ownership of your vehicle
    Any motoring convictions you have
    Your taxi licence - if applicable
    That approved security devices are fitted - where required under our policy terms
    Whether you or any named drivers have had previous insurance cancelled or declared void for fraud reasons

Who we work with

Insurance Fraud Bureau

The IFB are a 'not for profit' organisation focussed on detecting and preventing organised insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department

IFED are a dedicated team at City of London Police, targeting the investigation of insurance fraud at all levels and from all sectors.

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