A minibus driver is responsible for their passengers, and in turn they want to know someone is taking responsibility for them. We've got a huge range of experience covering private and contract hire minibuses, specialising in educational establishments, charities, associations and religious groups.

Features & Benefits

  • Van based vehicles with 9 to 16 passenger seats
  • Private hire
  • Social Domestic and Pleasure
  • Minibus assist: care homes, charities, education and childcare
  • Comprehensive, third party fire and theft, third party only
  • £5,000,000 TPPD limit
  • Breakdown cover included free of charge for all comprehensive Minibus policies
  • Windscreen cover included
  • Immediate and 24 hour claims service facilitated through Your Accident and Third Party cards

Did you know?

Many minibuses are used by not for profit organisations or care homes, which can influence the premiums we can offer. For instance, a minibus used by a scout group will probably be on the road a lot less than one used by a taxi firm, and may even be kept behind lock and key. As such it represents a better risk, so we can probably offer them lower premiums.

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