You can use a van for all manner of things, which is why there are all manner of van drivers out there. Different demands on business create different demands on the vehicle. From our wide range of experience in the small panel van and car-derived van segment, we know the pressures that drivers are under, and can design cover accordingly. For example, we are happy to cover vehicles used to carry small amounts of hazardous material for business purposes. We never forget that keeping a van on the road is the most important thing for lots of small businesses.

Features & Benefits

  • New van replacement
  • Personal accident benefits
  • Personal belongings
  • Foreign use
  • Loss of keys
  • Protected NCB
  • Immediate and 24 hour claims service facilitated through Your Accident and Third Party cards
  • Up to four named drivers
  • Signage and racking covered
  • Sat nav cover (up to £500)
  • Cover when the vehicle is being serviced or repaired

Did you know?

A white van with signage on it is a better risk to insure than one without, as it is less likely to be stolen. Not only that, the owner will tend to drive it more carefully because it represents their business and they take pride in it.

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