​What is Equity Insurance?

For most of us, motor insurance is just a must-have. Yet for some drivers, it is so much more than that; it's a way of taking care of what stands at the heart of their passion or livelihood.

We recognise that for these vehicle owners, standard insurance isn't enough.

That's why we work exclusively with brokers to get under the skin of their customers, and to know what their vehicles mean to them. Then we can build products to help meet their needs.

This is a completely different approach to motor cover. We call it Equity Insurance.

Getting in touch

Whether you're making a claim, setting up a policy for a new client or simply have a question about our cover.

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Our products

Ice cream vans, lorries, horse boxes, we insure just about every type of motor vehicle driven today.

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Who are ERS?

We are the largest motor syndicate at Lloyd’s,  and have been providing insurance to customers for 60 years.

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