Leaving the EU & Green Cards

As the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) is in transition until the 31st December 2020 (unless the Withdrawal Agreement is ended by Parliament earlier), there won’t be a need for Green Cards for any customers travelling outside of the UK with their vehicle before this date. We will be monitoring the Brexit situation over the coming weeks and should the need arise, we will let you know if the Green Card requirements change.

  • Arrangements for EEA policies underwritten prior to Brexit

    Lloyd’s is proposing to transfer certain policies to Lloyd’s Brussels. The proposed transfer will not change terms and conditions of any policy, except that Lloyd’s Brussels will become the insurer and Data Controller in respect of the transferred policies.

    Further information about the proposal (including whether it could affect EEA policyholders pre-transfer position), which policies are transferring, policyholder rights and what EEA policyholders need to do can be found at lloyds.com/brexittransfer.

  • Green Cards

    What is a Green Card?

    A Green Card is an international certificate of insurance, which guarantees that the motorist has the necessary third party insurance cover. These certificates prove that customers are suitably insured to drive in these countries and replaces the current European disclosures held on the back of Certificates of Motor Insurance.

    Why is a Green Card needed?

    Any UK motorist travelling outside the UK using their insured vehicle will need to carry a Green Card as proof of motor insurance in the event no deal is reached between the UK and EU with regard to the UK participation in the Green Card Free Circulation Area. This includes for example:

    • People who drive across the Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland border.
    • Any UK motorist planning to drive their vehicle in the Green Card free circulation area (EEA, Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland) for business or pleasure.

    Do ERS customers need to request a Green Card immediately?

    At present, ERS offers customers the ability to drive within the European Union under their motor insurance policy; this cover is still in place and nothing will change until the 31st December 2020. If an ERS customer is planning a trip that is completed during or after the 31st December 2020 then there is a requirement for them to produce a Green Card for international officials.

    Can a customer show a digital copy of their Green Card at the border?

    No, a physical copy of a Green Card on plain A4 green paper is needed when travelling, as digital copies are not currently accepted. If customers arrive at the border without a physical Green Card on plain green paper, they will not be allowed to drive in that country.

    What is ERS’ process for issuing a Green Card?

    Customers are advised to contact their insurance broker or intermediary to request a Green Card if they're travelling outside the UK in their insured vehicle during or after the 31st December 2020.

    Brokers can request a Green Card through accessing the dedicated ERS Green Card portal, which will produce a pdf version of the Green Card; this PDF will be emailed to the Broker to be printed.

    Please note this must be printed on A4 plain Green paper to be valid and effective dates of cover must be within the period of insurance shown on the Certificate of Insurance.

    What is the minimum period of time that a Green Card can be issued?

    A Green Card must be for at least a period of 14 calendar days that are covered within the period of the policy.

    Will ERS charge for issuing a Green Card?

    No, ERS will not charge to issue Green Cards to our mutual customers, but Brokers may decide to apply an administration fee.

    Who will have access to the ERS Green Card Portal?

    Brokers who have access to the ERS Cover Note Portal will be given automatic access to the ERS Green Card Portal. Those active ERS agencies who do not currently have permission will need to make an access request to ERS at ers.com/greencard that takes approximately 2 minutes to complete. ERS intends to process these requests within 48 hours, but this is subject to volume.

    When will access to the ERS Green Card Portal be available?

    The ERS Green Card Portal will be available from 14th March 2019 at ers.com/greencard - click on the drop down option at the top of the screen entitled ‘Green Card Portal’.

    What if the customer wishes to travel outside of EEA countries?

    The Green Card Portal will only cover countries in the EEA, Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland. If additional countries are required then a request will need to be made to greencards@ers.com stating the country that the customer wishes to visit.

    Does a trailer/caravan require a separate Green Card?

    The latest government advice is that UK motorists travelling with a trailer/caravan should contact their insurance company to get two Green Cards: one for the towing vehicle and one for the trailer/caravan.

    Those trailers that require registration with DfT before towing outside the UK are:

    • Commercial trailers over 750kg gross weight
    • All trailers over 3,500kg gross weight

    If the trailer/caravan is not required to be registered with the DfT, then there is no requirement for Green Card for the trailer/caravan.