How to access the new policy booklets

With effect from 1st January 2013 we will launch revised policy booklets for 8 of our products as follows:

  • Classic Car
  • Farm and Estate Vehicles
  • Horsebox
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Passenger Carrying Vehicle (includes Coach, Minibus, Minibus Assist and Taxi)
  • Private Car
  • Van

The booklets have been completely refreshed to include a number of key enhancements and are also clearer and easier to use.

Across all revised booklets, you will find our new and enhanced claims procedure which has been streamlined to make it easier for you and our policyholders to understand the most appropriate process to undertake in the event of an accident. Not only does the procedure help us deal with claims quickly and efficiently, but it also works to prevent fraud and minimise Third Party claims settlement costs. This allows us to offer you competitive premiums through the benefits of effective claims costs management. In addition, to important cover enhancements and additional claims information all Equity Red Star branded single vehicle motor policy documents now include Your Accident and Third Party Accident claims cards for the policyholder to use in the event of an accident.

Key changes that have been made
  • Loss of keys cover is now provided across all revised policies
  • Child seats are now covered as part of our Private Car policy
  • The limit for medical expenses (Personal Accident Benefits) has been increased across our Van and Private Car policies and legal cover has been enhanced within our Van and Commercial Vehicle and Passenger Carrying Vehicle policies
  • Audio, visual, communication, guidance or tracking equipment cover has been added to our Commercial Vehicle, Passenger Carrying Vehicle, Van, and Private Car policies
  • Medical expenses, personal belongings and loss of keys coverhas been added to our Commercial Vehicle policy, giving our policyholders greater peace of mind
  • Our Taxi, Minibus, Minibus Assist and Coach policies have now been consolidated into one single booklet, Passenger Carrying Vehicle
  • Our Motorcycle policy has been rewritten in a more personalised style and loss of keys cover added
  • New Van Replacement has been introduced into our Van policy

How to access the new policies

Visit our Electronic Policy Documents library on the webiste. Here you can access electronic versions of all policy wordings.
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