Announcing pre-registration to report and track claims online and new differential excesses

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To help keep policy holder’s premiums as low as possible, we’re always looking at ways to reduce the cost of claims and the time it takes to complete a claims process. Today, we’re pleased to announce some changes in the way we handle your customer claims, to save you time and your customers money.

  • We're launching a new way to help you submit claims quickly and track them online. Pre-register now.
  • To encourage early claims notifications, we now offer £100 excess back on new and renewed Taxi, Everyday Car and Van, High Risk (Non-Standard) Car and Van and Rural Car and Van policies, if we're notified within 24 hours.
  • We've made significant improvements to our approved repair network and now support repairs for even more specialist vehicles.

A new way to report and track your claims online: From today, you can pre-register to report and track all your customer claims online, wherever you are, from any device. So, when you’re notified of an incident, you’ll be able to let us know immediately. You can of course continue to submit claims by phoning 0330 123 5992 or emailing

Report new claims within 24 hours: Early notification of a claim helps us control costs because we can use our relationships with trusted suppliers to manage the claim and repairs. The longer it takes to report an incident to us, the less we are able to manage the process, resulting in increased costs. In fact, claims not controlled by us cost, on average, over £1,000 extra per claim. To encourage early notification, from 1st August 2017 we will reduce the customer excess by £100 for any new or renewed Taxi or Everyday Vehicle (private car and van), High Risk (non-standard) Car and Van and Rural Car and Van policies, provided we are notified of an accident within 24 hours. However, a claims notification made more than 48 hours after an accident will incur an increased excess of £500 to help us recover some of the increased costs. Learn about differential excesses.

Improved specialist repair network: We've improved our network of over 500 accredited repairers and can now repair the most specialist vehicles. Now, not only can we repair standard vehicles, we can also look after specialist cars like a Bentley, McLaren or Tesla too. Best of all, we only use genuine OEM parts, provide a courtesy car, a five year guarantee on repairs and will pick up and deliver the vehicle to and from your customer's home or workplace, cleaned inside and out. Because we've invested so much in our repair network, and non-approved repairs cost us significantly more, from 1st August 2017 any new or renewed Taxi or Everyday Vehicle (private car and van), Taxi, Everyday Car and Van, High Risk (Non-Standard) Car and Van and Rural Car and Van policy will incur an additional £250 excess if a non-approved repairer is used in the event of a claim.

These changes will go a long way in keeping costs of premiums premium costs lower for your customers. Please get in touch with your Business Development representative should you have any questions.

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