A day in the life - Chloe Davies, Team Leader, ERS Agriculture Operations

Chloe Davies

What does the underwriting operations team do?

We provide front line support to brokers for a range of queries, from brand new policies to renewals and anything in between. While we have always had our specialist underwriters for agricultural motor in London, we saw the opportunity to complement this with a dedicated operations function to deliver an even more responsive service to brokers, especially for less complex risks. We now have over 20 specialist underwriters to support brokers across the full gamut of agricultural motor and we have seen 24% growth year on year. Our structure is also replicated for claims, with our agricultural claims operations providing full case management for brokers. 

What are your core responsibilities?

Ensuring the smooth running of the team and that our high service standards and SLAs are maintained, or where possible, even improved upon are key. Helping with judgement-based decisions is another important part of my role. The nature of the risks presented in agriculture are often complex, so continuing to develop the team while also ensuring that they quickly recognise cases that should be referred on to our London-based specialists is an ongoing requirement given the nature of what we do.

Why did you want to join the Agriculture team? 

It’s been a big part of my life. I grew up in the valleys in rural South Wales, surrounded by farms so agriculture has always been on my doorstep. The first thing I’d see most mornings out of my window would be a farmer on their John Deere and so I gained a natural interest and affinity with that environment. That affinity is a key reason why I jumped at the chance to join our dedicated agriculture operations team, as well as the opportunities it gave me.

Before the arrangement of the Agriculture Propositions I was heavily involved in the operational processes and policy maintenance so it only seemed a natural progression to be part of the specialist team and ultimately lead by example. 

What are the key benefits of the new team – what makes it different?

Since we launched our agricultural operations team six months ago, our brokers have seen a real difference in terms of the speed with which we can respond to them. The increased efficiency from dedicated operations alongside our highly specialist London team is a compelling proposition. It also helps that, like me, many team members have a background or interest in agriculture, which is a real value-add for both us and our brokers.

What do you think brokers value most – from an underwriting perspective? 

Agricultural brokers are experts in their field so it’s imperative that you know what you’re talking about! They also tend to know their customer well as motor is often one of a number of insurances they will place for them so the ability to cater to that individual need is key. Within motor, however, time really is just as important as skill as farmers simply can’t afford to have vehicles out of action. Fortunately, our entire team has had very specific training and are very well equipped to deal with a range of enquiries – and also ask the right questions – to help the broker do their best for the customer, quickly.

What’s the most rewarding element of the job?

A happy customer, a supported broker and a job well done, that’s what we’re always striving for. The brokers I deal with are really passionate about what they do so it really makes a difference when you can match that passion yourself. Of course, it helps that I love what I do and I have such an interest in agriculture. I’m really excited about what this team has done in the last six-months and can’t wait to see what we achieve over the next few years.