ERS launches enhanced Classic car product on software houses

As the classic car season gets underway, specialist motor insurer, ERS is announcing a series of improvements to its classic car product, with more sophisticated rating, new minimum and maximum vehicle values accepted and younger drivers now considered.  

Available from this week on Applied, and coming to other major software houses in coming weeks, the changes reflect ERS’ broadening appetite for the most specialist classic risks. The enhancements include changes to the acceptable value of a classic car, with a new minimum value of £1,500 and new maximum value of £100,000. Additionally, ERS is becoming the home for younger classic enthusiasts with drivers as young as 28 now accepted.

ERS’ rating sophistication has also been enhanced with new rating factors that include vehicle origin and model, plus the addition of over 1,000 more classic cars to the vehicle listings, which will increase ERS’ capability to offer a quote through broker software houses.  

Alongside ERS’ improved electronic trading proposition, its team of specialist underwriters will continue to write more complex and different classic motor policies - which can range from heritage pieces to entire collections - manually through its bespoke underwriting team.  

Tom Donachie, head of bespoke underwriting at ERS said: “We know that ERS’ specialist brokers really value our A+ rating and capability to underwrite the most difficult classic risks manually – like heritage and rare vehicles or classic collections - but they also want to be able to quote on a wide range of classic risks electronically too. Today’s enhancements improve our electronic capabilities, ensuring ERS quotes competitively for more risks as we enter the busy classic car season."


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