ERS evolves with specialist eTrade launch

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We’re excited to announce that pre-registration for our first digital eTrade experience is live from today. The new, easy to use platform, will enable brokers to quote and bind policies for products that are not available elsewhere online or on a software house, in under a minute. Brokers can make sure they’re amongst the first to get access to the new service by pre-registering on

The fastest way to buy specialist motor insurance

Whilst brokers will always be able to phone ERS underwriters for a specialist quote, eTrade will replace our existing offline rate calculators and bring some of our most specialist products online for the first time including Minibus, Courier, Transportation, Taxi, Special Commercial Vehicle, Horsebox, Showman’s, Mods and Imports, Kit Car, Coach and Bus. Whilst each product’s question-set is specific, we’ve kept mandatory questions to a minimum and the integration of third-party data sources, like HPI vehicle look-up and Postcode Anywhere look-up, help brokers obtain a quote and bind a policy in less than a minute.

Built mobile and user experience first

We’ve built our platform on Google’s Material Design framework, so it reflects most modern websites and apps. meaning the new platform can be picked-up quickly without any long training sessions or documentation to read. ERS eTrade is also optimised for multiple devices and works just as well on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, and runs all the commonly used operating systems and browsers.

ERS’ Marketing Director, Jonathan Watson said: “We’re excited to announce pre-registration for ERS eTrade from today. This is the first step in digitalising some of our most specialist products as we evolve the way in which brokers interact with us to include online trading. Up until now, brokers have had to use offline rate calculators to get a quote for some of these specialist products, but ERS eTrade will see these offline rate calculators retired and replaced with a much improved user experience that helps brokers get the quotes they need more quickly. We have already had positive feedback from our broker testing groups and we can’t wait to get it into all brokers’ hands soon.”

Brokers can pre-register for access today on