Introducing Stuart Boles, Regional Trading Underwriter for Fleet at ERS in Scotland & Northern Ireland.

Newletter Dec 2

It’s been a few months now since you joined ERS, how is the experience differing from previous roles? 

I’ve worked in a variety of roles across the Insurance industry over the past 22 years including Underwriting Manager, Account Manager and even as a New Business Account Executive for a start-up broker. As a result I have a broad understanding and experience of most commercial insurance products. Working with ERS is my first experience of an Insurer who not only specialises in motor insurance but trades only through Insurance Brokers.  

Tell us about your new role and what is compromises? 

I’m the Regional Fleet Underwriter for Scotland and Northern Ireland. My main focus is writing new business with our panel of brokers in that region across our entire fleet appetite. I have responsibility for building on and developing mutually beneficial relationships with our key brokers and for the overall performance of the fleet account in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  

What appeals to you about this area of specialism? 

I’m a car enthusiast at heart so focusing on motor business allows me to combine one of my passions with my working life. But what appeals to me most is what we can offer our broker partners. As specialists in the motor sector we offer a bespoke traditional underwriting approach which can be instrumental in securing or retaining business. 

How important is a regional presence in Scotland and NI? 

A regional presence is critical for the success of fleet in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The region varies in geography from City to Rural, so rapidly that a working knowledge of the area is essential for understanding the risk presented. 

What’s the key to building a successful broker partnership in Scotland and NI? 

“Do what you promise” It sounds simple but if we do what we say we will do, and do it well, then I’ve no doubt that we will have successful relationships with our broker partners 

Tell us about some of the major trends you’re seeing in the Fleet space? 

Over the last 18 to 24 months there has been an increased use of e-trading for smaller fleet risks as insurers focus efficiencies. These systems, though easy to use, lack the flexibility to accommodate risks which don’t fit neatly into the model. As we offer a manual underwriting service on all our fleet business, we have the expertise to underwrite to risk and offer terms which are bespoke to the individual client.  

Finally, what are you most looking forward to moving into 2019? 

I’m looking forward to re-establishing ERS as a fleet market leader in Scotland and Northern Ireland and delivering success not only for ourselves but also for our brokers.

To contact Stuart for Scotland and Northern Ireland Fleet enquires:

For other Fleet enquiries that need bespoke underwriting: | 0345 602 5809