Introducing Ming, our New Business Development Manager


Tell us about your role at ERS? 

I joined ERS just over a year ago as a regional development manager for the North West of England, and I’m really excited to be assuming a newly created business development role within the business. 

I will be working closely with many parts of the business including the regional development team, our underwriters and the marketing team to ensure that we deliver the most efficient, effective and compelling proposition to brokers and their prospective customers. Another key part of my role will be to identify and develop new broker partners and communicate to them the strong and clear commitments we offer within all of our broker relationships.

What does a typical day in your world look like? 

No two days have been the same so far. One day I’ll be meeting a broker to discuss a new specialist proposal; the next I’ll be teleconferencing with our implementation team; on the third day I’ll be presenting the ERS specialist proposition to a potential partner. I’m sure that things will settle down pretty soon!

You’ve been working in the industry for more than a decade. What keeps you motivated? 

I’ve been working in the insurance industry for 14 years now, but compared to some of my peers that’s actually a relatively short period! However, during this time what stands out for me is how dynamic the industry continues to be. There are a number of factors at play here, but what inspires and fascinates me the most is the entrepreneurship that exists within the industry, and I must add, that is notable in the motor insurance market in particular. I would also add that there are some really great people in the industry, who have become my good friends along the journey so far.

What is it that makes ERS stand out in the market? 

For me, ERS has a number of qualities that makes the business stand out within a rather congested motor marketplace. Firstly, our Lloyds A-rating is something of real tangible benefit, and something we must continue to communicate to brokers. Secondly, our specialist focus means that we employ experts in areas that other insurers only ‘accommodate’. Thirdly, our broker-only approach really underlines and demonstrates our commitment to our broker partners – they know they can trust us to support their customers.

Tell us about some of the major trends you’re seeing in the motor insurance industry right now? 

I mentioned the dynamism in the motor market, and in the main this is a really positive thing. However, the number of entrants rushing into the market, and their subsequent demise, has become an all too familiar and painful pattern. 

What would you say is the key competency brokers look for in a motor insurer, and why? 

That’s a really difficult question to answer, as there are a number of different attributes that brokers highly value, but if I had to suggest just one, then it would have to be “stability.”

Are you a motoring fanatic outside of working hours? 

Does driving my kids every weekend to football camps, swimming lessons, gymnastic classes, parties count as being a motoring fanatic?

If you weren’t a business development manager, what would you be? 

Growing up, I was surrounded by food and loved watching my dad cook, so I have certainly inherited this passion. I would say having my own little boutique restaurant, and cooking awesome food!

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