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See ERS Agriculture in a completely new light

We speak to brokers every day of the week in relation to our Farm Plan and Horse Box product, but the reality is that our conversations often stretch well beyond the barn, pasture or paddock. That’s why, for 2019 we are launching a new product that sits alongside our existing Agriculture products to ensure that we can support you and your clients in all things Agriculture. The new ERS Leisure and Recreation plan has been created to support the needs of customers and rural businesses that require mix of different vehicles – from agricultural machinery and vehicles to trucks, vans, carts and cars.

“Reach” new rural businesses

We want to help brokers explore new customer groups such as golf clubs, gardens centres, caravan parks and even safari’s and zoos.  These businesses you would not necessarily think of as sitting under the typical agricultural banner but the requirement for these specialist type of vehicles is just as strong.

  • Golf clubs need machinery that have to be extremely precise; the quality of the grounds needs to be perfect to ensure they are first choice for commercial golfing events and to ensure their members return and renew each year.
  • Most caravan parks are family run and we’ve seen owners investing in JCBs for developing and expanding their sites. These owners are very resourceful; like entrepreneurial landlords, their default option is to go ahead and build any new amenities themselves. They also have the need for bigger vehicles that shift caravans or static homes around the estate.
  • Gardens centres require extensive upkeep alongside their routine retail and supply operations. Typically these businesses will operate a range of agricultural machinery and mowers, alongside carting trolleys, forklift trucks and larger commercial vehicles required to deliver goods that won’t fit into customers’ cars.

The possibilities are endless

As you’ve seen, ERS Agriculture caters for some surprisingly diverse businesses who need specialist motor insurance, and that’s not even the extent of it. From zoos and safaris needing elephant carrying trucks to landscape gardeners creating beauty in the heart of dense urban conurbations, there are many other potential customers and businesses that use and rely upon agricultural vehicles and machinery every day of the week. We’ve shown you our appetite to take on this risk, and in 2019 our goal is to take our Agriculture product to a wider audience, working with you to better understand this diverse group of businesses and the different motor and machinery worries each of them faces over the course of their working lives.

Committed to all things agriculture

We remain hugely engaged with agriculture and rural communities and we’re committed to serving the needs of farmers across the UK. But we also want to tell the story of a world beyond agriculture, shining a light on the many thousands of grounds, gardening and hospitality staff out in the field every day, and highlighting the many ways we can work together to better support them. We have a dedicated team of agriculture machinery and motor insurance experts that understand the requirements these diverse audiences need, so give them a call if you have an opportunity and grow your business with us in 2019.

For all agriculture, motor enquiries please contact the team: | 0345 600 2284