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We are aware of a telephone number spoofing scam that is using an ERS phone number, contacting non ERS Policyholders, in an attempt to fraudulently collect people’s personal data. Currently, the scammers are asking if the recipient has been involved in an accident recently. We recommend you do not disclose any personal information.

At ERS, we take security very seriously and we would only ever contact a policyholder in response to a legitimate claim, we would never cold call. We would never ask for policy information or personal details including your car registration.

Our Security tips

Unfortunately, fraud and scams are on the rise, and become even more prevalent during a recession or pandemic. We want to make sure you protect yourself and stay safe.

Protect yourself from phishing scams

Phone spoofing and phishing are becoming increasingly popular for scammers.

Phone Spoofing

Scammers spoof (change) the telephone number and/or name relayed as the Caller ID to make it look like they are calling from the company’s telephone number. They do this to either hide their identity or to try and mimic the number of a real company or person who has nothing to do with the real caller.

Phishing warning signs

  • They will send out texts, emails or make calls pretending to be a company (ERS).
  • You receive an email that doesn’t look quite right – the email address doesn’t match the company website address of, or the email style is written differently to what you normally expect to receive from the company
  • There are spelling or grammatical mistakes
  • You receive a cold call asking if you’ve ever been in an accident;
  • The caller asks for personal information (home address, postcode, car registration etc.);
  • The caller asks for your banking or personal details; or
  • The caller directs you to a website to enter your details.

Further advice on spotting phishing emails can be found here.

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud or a scam relating to ERS, please contact Ofcom

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