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As many of our travel plans are somewhat different this year, and airports have been traded in with more local holiday rentals, we have been witnessing many more exciting cars on the roads. Staycations are the thing to do this summer... and thankfully, the weather seems to be holding-up its end of the bargain (for the most part).

We asked our Enthusiast team to tell us their dream car of choice to take on their UK holiday, if money was no object...

Alan Bradbury | Senior Underwriter - Enthusiast Vehicle

If money was no object, then my choice of classic would be an Alfa 33 Tipo Stradale…. Very rare and very expensive, but simply one of the most beautiful classics ever created. Only 18 were produced, but in my opinion, the epitome of classic Italian styling. As for where I’d like to take it, well surely this car belongs in the Cote D’Azure, but I would settle for a spirited drive along the A470 in Wales – from Llandudno in the north to Cardiff in the south, taking in Snowdonia, Cambrian Mountains and the Brecons – some beautiful scenery and a worthwhile journey in any car.


Adrian Moody | Product Manager - Enthusiast Risks

I’d take a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, anywhere picturesque in the sun.

Why the 300 SL Gullwing? Just look at it, what a thing of beauty. Costing north of £1m for the best examples its not one I’m likely to own but I can dream! It’s the road version of the Mercedes W194 which had victories at Le Mans and the Nurburgring.

The doors are something else, not what you see everyday as well as the performance of the vehicle itself. Not only does it look good it drives great too!


Andy Halsey | Underwriter - Enthusiast Vehicle

I would take an original 23 window, split screen VW Camper, the most celebrated of the VW buses. Perfect for holidaying in the UK, no need to pay for additional accommodation. Id take a trip along the Kent coastline, maybe with a music festival or 2 along the way. These are super desirable now and worth an absolute fortune (more windows = more value)


Andy Bissett | Underwriter - Enthusiast Vehicle

I think mine would have to be a Porsche 914. I love the design and the bright 1970’s colours which make it stand out in a crowd. It was a collaboration between Volkswagen and Porsche and features the ultimate in car design….Pop-up headlights!

I would take it on a trip around the country lanes and coastal roads of the Isle Of Wight with it’s stunning scenery. Driving around in this car would make the views even more beautiful.


Steve Simpson | Senior Underwriter - Enthusiast Vehicle

I’d take a series 1 Lotus Elise 111S on holiday to Cornwall.

  • It’s British (in keeping with the staycation theme)
  • It’s open top
  • It’s handling is perfect for the B roads there


Alice White | Underwriter - Enthusiast Vehicle

The VW Beetle began back in 1938 and over 21 million were made. Although it’s sadly not made any more, it’s the longest running and most-manufactured car of a single platform ever made. The convertible didn’t come along until after the second world war, but it’s remained hugely popular for enthusiasts around the world. It’s also starred in many movies, including one of my favourites, Herbie, and has a character that modern cars just don’t have. It’s simple, stylish, has a unique sound and would be the perfect companion on a trip to the coast. I’d love to drive on down to the beaches of Cornwall, park up and have a cream tea.


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