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From catering vans to mobile cinemas or even electric tuk tuks, our Specialist Commercial Vehicles (SCV) product might be the single most diverse offering we have at ERS. It’s seven different categories rolled into one, each of them comprising an array of weird and wonderful vehicles serving unique, distinct, and sometimes surprising purposes.

Often, these vehicles have been modified to fit the individual business need; whether it be including a water tank for a window cleaner or mobile dog groomer, or storage facilities for a mobile burrito van, and because of this, we’ve ensured that all permanently fitted modifications are covered, so your clients can have one less thing to worry about.

Some of these vehicles undoubtedly carry higher levels of risk than others – and we make it our business to try and cover as many as we possibly can, by getting into the details of exactly how these sometimes-unique vehicles are being used to ascertain the true level of risk presented by each one.

In fact, our SCV product is broader than brokers may think; some brokers have even told us of their surprise on finding out that we are able to cater for their customers’ most outlandish machines. So, we thought it would be helpful to take you quickly through each of the categories we cover and outline some of the quirkiest vehicles currently on our books. You never know – you may find that SCV is the perfect fit for some of your current customer needs.

With SCV being such a mixed bag – here’s a snapshot of our recent specialist SCV quote requests:


Mobile barista vehicles, modified vans for catering, ice cream vans, electric tuk tuks

Emergency and Rescue

private ambulances, doctors’ emergency (green and blue) light vehicles, funeral transit

Non-Road Registered

Forklift trucks, vehicles for display use, mobile high-pressure washers, cherry pickers, mobile cranes

Specialist Types

Mobile animal grooming facilities, road sweepers, white line marking vehicles, camera vehicles

Marketing, Exhibition, Retail and Education

Coach or commercial vehicle conversions, mobile media centres, mobile cinemas, mobile offices and classrooms, other exhibition vehicles

Specialist Loads

Asbestos-carrying vehicles, gunpowder-carrying vehicle or even fireworks (pyrotechnics)

Driver Tuition

Non-standard driver instructor vehicles such as buses, coach, tractors or trucks used by smaller tuition companies or individual tutors


For members of Showman’s Guilds or associated groups with mixed vehicle types, commercial vehicles, HGVs and associated 4 x 4’s

The fastest way to access our SCV product is online via ERS eTrade, where any quotes that need a more tailored approach are fast tracked into our specialist teams so you can get tailored cover for your clients’ unique needs, fast. Find out more about out our SCV product here

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