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A snapshot day in the life of a PVU team member

We’re responsible for detecting and preventing misrepresentation on ERS policies at every stage, from New Business to renewal and claims. Collaboration with other departments is important to help protect our business. We strictly follow industry standards and work closely with other insurers and fraud detection industries to stay on top of new trends.

Our commitment to delivering a robust service means we collaborate closely with our complaints department because of the significant decisions we often need to make regarding policies, like voiding or cancelling them. We handle multiple referrals from various sources such as the National Database, claims, underwriting, brokers, police, Data Protection, court witness statements, and Medical Information Bureau roadside stops.

Meet our PVU team

  • Eira Spuffard: With over 23 years of experience, Eira has been leading the PVU and Intel teams for the past four years. Before joining PVU, she held a leadership role in Claims Operations.

  • Megan Didcock started as an Underwriting Assistant six years ago and transitioned to PVU five years ago and is a valuable asset.

  • Sian Lewis: Bringing 16 years of experience, Sian began her journey at ERS as a Claims Handler before moving to PVU six years ago. Her extensive knowledge is a great benefit to the team.

  • Robert Dunlop: Robert, who joined us a decade ago as an Underwriting Assistant, has been an essential part of the PVU team for the past five years

  • Kylie Thomas: Another seasoned professional, Kylie has been with ERS for 16 years. She started as a Claims Handler and moved to PVU four years ago, enhancing our team's strength.

  • Miz Rahman: Miz joined us eight years ago as a Claims Handler and made the switch to PVU recently in January 2024. His fresh perspective and experience are great additions.

  • Vicky Pullen: Vicky has been with ERS for seven years, beginning as an Underwriting Assistant. She transitioned to PVU just a few weeks ago, bringing enthusiasm and a fresh approach.

  • Phoebe Potts: The newest member, Phoebe joined ERS 10 months ago as an Underwriting Assistant and recently moved to PVU this month. Her eagerness and fresh outlook are exciting additions to the team.

Together, this dynamic group brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and fresh perspectives to our PVU team, making us stronger and more effective.

The Power of Additional Validation Documents

Additional validation documents are crucial for ensuring we receive accurate information, allowing us to rate policies correctly. They help us detect issues like ghost broking and identity theft, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of our policies. From an indemnity perspective, these documents prevent misrepresentation, leading to a smoother claims process for everyone involved.

How can brokers support the Team?

We value the cooperation of our brokers and policyholders in speeding up the validation process. Your support makes a big difference! Here’s how you can help:

  1. Understand our processes: It’s important for brokers to be familiar with our procedures, especially when it comes to making decisions on voidances, cancellations, additional premiums, or imposing late disclosure charges. Knowing how we work helps everything run smoothly.

  2. Stay Connected: Keep open lines of communication with us. If you have questions or need clarification, don’t hesitate to reach out. Working together ensures that we can address any issues quickly and efficiently.

What Are Our Predictions for 2024/25?

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, we may see an increase in individuals misrepresenting information on their insurance policies to save money. This might include minor details like past claims or driving offences. Preventing fraudulent activity is crucial to protecting our business, and this is where our validation process comes into play. Despite the financial challenges facing the UK, our team is confident in its ability to spot and stop fraud using their expertise and advanced tools.

In 2023, ERS saved millions of pounds by preventing cancellations, voidances, and additional premiums. Looking ahead to 2024 and 2025, predicting future outcomes is challenging due to the ongoing financial crises. However, we remain optimistic about our ability to continue saving money and preventing fraud.

If you're interested in learning more about our validation process, feel free to reach out. We're always open to sharing information and engaging with others in the industry. Let's keep the conversation going.

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