ERS Online

Everything you need to know about using ERS online.

  • Access

    Can I add a shared mailbox email address as a user so that multiple users can share it?

    No, the system requires an individual email address and password per user, for security reasons. If your organisation is unable to accommodate this please contact with full details. 


    What happens if I didn’t activate my account within 24 hours?

    Don’t worry, simply forward your activation email to and let them know that you missed the activation window. They’ll send another activation email as quickly as they can.


    Do I need any special software to use ERS online services?

    No. ERS is a standard web-based application. You’ll need a computer or mobile device that’s connected to the internet to use it. ERS Drive is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.


    Are there any minimum password requirements?

    Yes. Your password needs to be a minimum of eight characters, upper and lower case, alphanumeric and have a special character such as !,<*#@.


    What happens if I forget my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, select Forgotten your password from the log in screen and follow the instructions.

    If you get your password incorrect eight times your account will be locked. You will need to contact for a password reset.


    Does it cost anything to use ERS’s online services?

    No – they are completely free to use.


    What is the difference between an Administrator and a User, and group/branch access levels?

    An administrator is able to add and remove colleagues to ERS online, as well as report and track claims.

    A user is only able to report and track claims, with none of the administrator rights.


  • eTrade

    What do I do if I come across a technical issue?

    Please contact technical support at This service operates Monday to Friday 8AM-6PM.

    Where will I receive my policy documentation?

    The documents are sent to the email address we have on file for your agency. 


    What is I don’t have the VRM when quoting a transportation risk?

    You can enter TBC1 and still receive a quote. 

    How long will it take for a referral to be processed?

    All referrals going through online trading will be prioritised and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If this is urgent please contact us.


    How do I complete a MTA or renewal? 

    Minibus & Transportation 

    Customer Services Call: 0345 600 3893 Email:


    Customer Services
    Call: 0345 602 5428 Email:

    Who do I speak to regarding underwriting enquiries? 

    Minibus & Transportation 

    Underwriting Call: 0345 600 2280 Email:


    Underwriting  Call: 0345 600 2284 Email:

    What do I put for Horsebox vehicle details when the registration number is not pulling through any or only some information?

    Due to the nature of the Horsebox product, there often isn’t all the information on file about your clients vehicle.

    Horsebox manufacturers purchase a chassis and running gear from a manufacturer before the definitive model is known. The manufacturer then builds the horsebox and registers the vehicle with DVLA sometimes using the manufacturer but then their own model type e.g. Peugeot Equi-Trek.  

    This means that only some or no information will be on file against the registration number. We suggest you pick the make and model that most closely resembles the original donor vehicle.

    The Gross Vehicle weight and value are the most important factors so please confirm these with your client. 

    Updated use of vehicle for Horsebox 
    We have changed some of our terminology for the ‘Use of Vehicle’ section:

    Business Use

    eTrade Use

    Leisure Use

    Social, Domestic And Pleasure

    or Commuting

    Unpaid Professionals

    Personal Business Use

    Working Yard

    Carriage Of Own Goods

    Horse Racing

    Carriage Of Goods For Hire And Reward

    How will I be informed if there is a technical issue with the application?

    When a technical issue arises, we will inform you of this with a message online.