Specialised breakdown built for specialist vehicles

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With more than 70 years’ experience of insuring specialist vehicles, we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to meeting the needs of those who require something a little different from their motor policy.

So today, we’re thrilled to be launching our brand new motor breakdown insurance that’s built for owners and drivers of vehicles that are just a little bit different! Our breakdown cover does everything you’d expect from a normal breakdown service, offering cover levels including roadside assistance through to full European cover – we even rate on age or vehicle size as you’d expect, but that’s where the comparison ends.

Because the majority of the vehicles we insure aren’t the norm, it makes sense that the breakdown cover isn’t normal either. We assist with vehicles that most other breakdown services can’t – like horeseboxes, minibuses and rare classic cars - and because the vehicles we insure often up in places that are a bit different, we have the equipment to get them out and back on the road.

Recovering a wider range of vehicles: from a nimble classic travelling to Goodwood to a 40-tonne horsebox on the way home from Epsom, minibuses packed with scouts or a delivery van full of fresh fish, whatever the vehicle or whatever the load, we can get them moving again quickly. And if your client really is on the way home from Epsom, we’ll make sure the horses arrive home safely too.

Specialist vehicles in specialist situations – specialist vehicles often don’t experience a typical breakdown. The vehicles we insure can end up on sand, in a muddy field, knee deep in water or stuck half way up a snowy mountain. We have the equipment to get them up and running and on the move – they don’t even have to be broken down, if they’re stuck, we’ll get them unstuck.

Priced by you – because you understand your customers more than anyone, our breakdown cover is net-rated, giving you the freedom to charge what you feel is right

Add to an ERS motor policy, or sell stand-alone – when your customers are buying ERS motor insurance for their special vehicle, we think it makes sense that they have specialist breakdown cover to match the vehicle. But, you don’t have to buy ERS breakdown with an ERS motor policy, you can buy it on its own, even for customers that don’t have ERS motor insurance. It makes the perfect add-on to any motor policy you might be binding, or as an add-on to any campaign you might be running for your customers. 

Whether you only think you’ll need to buy the odd policy or want to buy larger volumes, we’ve made it really easy to buy ERS Breakdown. You can get your customers covered either by buying online through ers.com or through via bordereau.

Busy? You can also request a call back to discuss motor breakdown from our business development team - as well as get more information - by clicking here.

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