ERS announces a dedicated claims team for Prestige vehicles, bucking industry trends and investing even more in specialisation

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London, April 2nd 2019: Today ERS announces the launch of a new, dedicated claims service, crafted especially for its prestige clients. From sportspeople and celebrities to supercar lovers, this dedicated claims team will provide a faster, more efficient experience for its prestige brokers at the moments they need ERS the most.

As other insurers close down product lines and shy away from specialisation, ERS’ appetite for prestige risk continues to grow. The new service will ensure brokers get access to prestige experts at every touchpoint, courtesy of a newly established team based out of ERS’ offices in Swansea, and complemented by the specialist underwriters.

Broker confidence begins with efficient service, which is why ERS has reduced their guaranteed response times by two thirds; it’s why when a broker calls ERS to report a claim, ERS promises to take the call in under a minute. It’s why they’ve employed dedicated claims handlers – a single point of contact for the entire claims process who is fully fluent in the language of high-end automobiles and so understands what matters most to the broker’s customers. Furthermore, ERS has expanded its network of approved repairers across the UK, meaning no unnecessary delays for broker customers as their vehicle is being assessed and repaired. If the customer has a preferred garage outside of the ERS network, then ERS can work with these repairers too – perfect for rare or modified vehicles.

Annie Ward, ERS Prestige Product Manager, commented: ““Prestige customers know that our underwriting expertise is second to none. As our book has grown we’ve spotted an opportunity to further ramp up the end-to-end claims support we provide to brokers and their customers. Whilst we hope that our clients will never have to make a claim, inevitably for those who do, we want to be sure that we are there for our customers in their time of need to guide them through the process. This investment will ensure continuity of service and, critically, make sure that customers’ prized vehicles are repaired to the highest standard and returned to their rightful owners as quickly as possible.”

Sharing the news across the UK

Over the course of the spring and summer, ERS will be hosting a series of exclusive events across the UK for their trusted prestige brokers, designed to give the inside track on their new offering and share a sense of their Prestige ambition and risk appetite for the year ahead. From supercar meet-ups and behind-the-scenes prestige auto manufacturer tours to Lunch & Learns…watch this space. 

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