Galloping towards the 2019 Grand National – Horses, hats, high stakes and hundreds of horse boxes

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For 10 minutes on a Saturday afternoon in April, 600 million people will watch this race in over 140 countries, wondering if favourite Tiger Roll or contenders like Rock the Kasbah will take home the £1m prize fund of horse racing's greatest steeplechase: the Grand National at Aintree. With 30 fiendish, larger-than-normal fences and a gruelling four-mile, 514 yard course, the Grand National remains a punishing test for the 40 horses and their jockeys to Go Conquer.

But what of the Noble Endeavour of the teams who painstakingly get the riders and horses Looking Well, feeling great and prepared in every way for the big day? Here at ERS our love for horse racing courses through to the expert teams who specialise in protecting these million-dollar horses in transit, as well as the superstar jockeys. 

Horsebox heroes

Whether your client is a horsing enthusiast or a professional jockey, whether they own a slick livery business or a small, Elegant Escape farm, we offer a range of bespoke cover for horse boxes.

Malcolm Cawsey, Product Manager for Agriculture commented “Horse boxes can be the unsung heroes of any equine endeavour, whether carrying thoroughbred race horses to race meetings, or trundling a much-loved pony between gymkhanas. Whatever your client needs, we have the specialist knowledge to assist brokers in crafting the most appropriate and nuanced cover.”

ERS’ flexible bespoke underwriting covers any vehicle worth between £500 and £350,000, including small horse boxes through to larger vehicles with sleeping accommodation.

Jockey power

The Chair, Becher’s Brook and the Canal Turn are just some of the famous fences that the jockeys will need to navigate during the Grand National, this notoriously unpredictable race, famous for memorable mishaps, injuries and on occasion, fatalities. It’s perhaps no surprise then that as a General Principle, the motor insurance industry penalises those they characterise to be in high risk professions – which inevitably includes jockeys. When one serious fall could ruin a jockey’s career and ability to earn, securing motor insurance has traditionally been one race where the odds are always stacked against them.

Our dedicated ERS Prestige team, however, know how to deliver the right cover for high-profile, highly-specialised clients such as jockeys. Price comparison sites can’t cater for the needs of this niche clientele, so we manually underwrite every policy on an individual basis to ensure our clients, including many jockeys, are fully covered and our policy meets their needs.

ERS Product Manager for Prestige: Sports & Entertainment, Annie Ward, will be watching the Grand National Blow by Blow and added: “I can’t wait to see the jockeys in action at the Grand National – this is the ultimate race for any jockey, who will have spent their entire careers dreaming of this moment. With our bespoke, tailored quotes for sports stars delivered within 24 hours, our broker clients can rest assured that ERS understands the nuance of insurance needs for such specialised athletes.”

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