Covid Changes B3

We’ve made some immediate changes to our underwriting appetites in response to Covid-19.

For further information read our Covid-19 FAQs here.


Key workers

We’ve added commuting to all Key Worker’s SDP policies, so they can get to work without a worry during lockdown. There’s no need to contact us and no extra cost.


Medical professionals

If a Medical Professional has a bump in their car during lockdown, we’ll waive the AD excess and provide a free courtesy car to help them stay on the road.


Voluntary deliveries

Any policyholder on any product can use their vehicle for voluntary services, like NHS deliveries or patient transfer. There’s no extra cost and no need to notify us.


Renewal terms

If you can’t connect with a policyholder with invited renewal terms, we’ll honour them for another 30 days and re-instate the policy to the original renewal date when you contact us.



Policy conditions won’t be breached if a MOT hasn’t been completed.


eTrade Courier

We’re opening up eTrade Courier for all brokers, so everyone can quote and buy online from today – register on


Reduction in cover

We’ve made reduction in cover to laid up, fire and theft acceptable across Fleet, Taxi, Minibus, Transportation and Coach and Bus products - please speak to your underwriter for more detail.


Change of use

Policyholders can change their vehicle's use across Fleet and Commercial products - please speak to your underwriter for more details.

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