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In the ERS Fleet team, we pride ourselves on the depth of our underwriting expertise and our ability to provide a personalised service to our broking community.

We spoke to Jack Hoy, Senior Fleet Underwriter, about our flexible approach to underwriting and providing clarity on every risk for brokers and their Fleet customers…

How did you get started in Fleet motor insurance?

I’ve always had an eye on the industry. Our family background spans various parts of the sector, and this is what led me to ERS back in 2015. I’ve been underwriting ever since.

Tell us about your underwriting journey with ERS.

I started out at ERS underwriting SME risk, which quickly developed into the more detailed areas of the portfolio. I then moved away from the business and spent just shy of two years writing property & casualty risk overseas, before returning in 2019 and stepping into a senior underwriting position.

Why do you think ERS is such a good partner for Fleet brokers?

ERS has always maintained a panel of experienced and quality underwriting staff – it’s fundamental to the culture of the business. Alongside our market position as a specialist motor insurer, this affords us more flexibility within the appetite for the whole spectrum of risk.

What’s the benefit of brokers having direct access to a Fleet underwriter?

We always maintain a flexible and sense-led approach to underwriting and our appetite. It means we can individually consider each risk on its merit. Regardless of our response, we’re there to communicate and provide clarity.

As an underwriter, what has been the biggest challenge in Fleet during the pandemic?

Given the financial impact of the pandemic, both new business and renewals schedules have been significantly impacted. This has a two-fold effect from an underwriting perspective. Firstly, we have to try and predict what these schedules will look like when we return to some kind of normality. Secondly, we must try and determine how relevant this period truly is from a claims experience perspective, given the under-utilisation of roads and fluctuating traffic frequency.

What do you enjoy getting up to outside of working hours?

I’m a massive sports fan, majorly football, golf and cricket – I try and watch as much live sport as possible.

Finally, if you weren’t working in Fleet motor insurance, what would your dream job be?

Travelling the world playing golf doesn’t sound like a bad way to earn a living.

If you’re looking for a fleet quote, contact our expert team today on 0345 602 5809 or email fleet.quotes@ers.com

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