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We’ll soon be rolling out our new Short-Term Taxi insurance product to all brokers. This product will provide policyholders with 28 days of cover and automatic renewal.


This product provides high efficiency with no hidden surprises. Policies will renew without having to re-enter policy holder information. Additionally, handy renewal notifications will be sent to brokers 12 days before the automatic renewal date.

There will be minimal manual input required between new business and renewal transactions, and minimal changes with mid-term transaction unless necessary. You can request a Short-Term Taxi quote easily within our eTrade platform. When requesting a Taxi quote, you’ll be given the option to select either annual or 28 days cover.

Please note, although available in eTrade, the Short-Term Taxi product is currently within a pilot phase. Therefore, you may be in a waiting queue before you gain full access. This product was launched as part of our latest eTrade upgrades.


This product offers dual occupation cover, with the option to add up to £10 million of public liability cover, setting us apart within the market. We also consider electric vehicles, catering to a wide range of needs in the industry.

Our vehicle appetite includes vehicles with four to eight passenger seats, ensuring that cars, MPVs, and minibuses are all eligible. Our preferred client profile are drivers aged 25 to 75 with a minimum of two years' experience and with no more than two claims in the last five years. For drivers in rural or suburban areas, this product may be an ideal fit as we cover most of the Licensing Authorities in these locations.

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