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We are excited to announce new upgrades to our eTrade platform this week. These improvements were made based on your feedback and have made it even easier to trade with us online. We truly appreciate your input and thank you for your support.

So, what’s new?

Upload risk documents conveniently.

The new document upload feature allows you to easily upload any documents relevant to the risk you are managing. This includes important documents such as confirmed claims experience or claim free letters, making it simple and efficient for you to provide the necessary information for your policyholders. Gone are the days of endless back-and-forth emails - you can securely and conveniently share important information with just a few clicks.

Download policy documents with ease.

The document download feature allows all policy transaction documents to be downloaded at any time.

Add important free text within referred quotes.

A free text box has been added for referred quotes, allowing you to input target rates and important risk information. This information will be sent directly to underwriters for review, streamlining the process and ensuring all necessary details are communicated.

Adjust quote inception dates without re-referral.

We have enhanced our quote referral logic, making it easier for you to adjust start dates without causing a risk to re-refer. The system now automatically re-authorises referrals where the inception time or date is changed within the quote guarantee period, displaying the updated rate on screen for quick and easy reference. If any other risk information is amended the risk will re-refer.

Access a refined Motorhome location list.

A bespoke question dropdown feature has been added for Motorhome policies. We have made it even easier for you to select the correct response for overnight locations, ensuring that only relevant options are available.

Establishing taxi fare source app.

An additional question has been added to the Taxi product to establish which fare source app is used by the policyholder.

Validate taxi driving licences.

It is now mandatory for the driving licence number to be entered when binding any transaction for all Taxi policies/quotes. While quotes can still be accessed without this information, the licence number must be provided to incept a risk. But don’t worry the field validation will ensure that the correct format is used, making the process quick and more efficient.

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