High risk driver insurance

We manually underwrite all high risk policies, going the extra mile to keep your customers on the road

High Risk Drivers

All of us have a past and some are more interesting than others. At ERS we can look at the full picture to offer non-standard motor insurance. Our specialist team will use their knowledge and experience to listen to your customers’ history and needs to write a bespoke and tailored policy. 

Got a High Risk case that needs bespoke underwriting?

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Cover for drivers who have made multiple claims in the last 5 years
Cover for drivers that have been banned from driving within the last 3 years
Cover for decommissioned black taxi cabs
Cover for drivers with previous cancellations or convictions
  • Risks for drivers with adverse motoring and/or personal histories
  • Unusual vehicles – including land trains and armoured vehicles
  • Vehicles below 7.5 tonne
  • Drivers with previous voidance, cancelled policies and previous special terms imposed
  • Drivers who have been banned from driving within the last 3 years