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We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Chloe Palmer, one of the newest recruits to the growing agriculture team at ERS. Chloe's journey with ERS began in the operations team, where her curiosity about evaluating vehicle damage sparked her interest in the world of underwriting.

In this interview, Chloe shares her career progression, offering valuable insights into her day-to-day responsibilities at ERS. From handling queries and providing support to the operations team, to staying informed about market trends, Chloe's role as an underwriter is both diverse and engaging.

Additionally, Chloe provides a unique perspective on key trends shaping the Agriculture market – highlighting the emergence of new businesses in Wales and the economic pressures faced by agriculture fleets. Chloe's understanding of the industry allows her to navigate these trends and offer tailored solutions to brokers and clients – making her an invaluable new addition to the team.

Lovely to meet you, Chloe! How did you first get started in your career? Tell us about your progression through to your new role.

Nice to be here! My journey started working with insurance instructions for vehicle damage at an accident repair centre. It was a unique experience that allowed me to get hands-on with the cases and delve into the evaluation process. I couldn't help but be curious about the details of each incident and the circumstances surrounding them.

Initially, I thought my path would lead me towards the claims side of the business. However, as I continued my exploration, I discovered a whole new world within the operations team at ERS. The projects we worked on were like puzzles waiting to be solved, and I really enjoyed the challenge. Each day in operations is different, with unique challenges to tackle. The confidence I gained in operations fuelled my desire to make more significant decisions. and deliver outstanding service to our brokers, which ultimately led me to my current role as an underwriter.

Sounds fascinating – and great to have you in the agriculture team. Tell us about your day-to-day role at ERS and how the team works.

As an underwriter, my role is incredibly diverse. From addressing queries and providing timely responses to brokers, to managing policy renewals and ensuring accuracy in documentation, there's always something happening. What makes it even more enjoyable is the tight-knit nature of our ERS team. We have a supportive and collaborative environment where we work together, share knowledge, and help one another succeed. Our Product Manager, Malcolm Cawsey, is truly invaluable in guiding us and ensuring we have the resources we need.

Q: As an underwriter, how else do you add value to your brokers?

Building strong relationships with our brokers is something I really care about. It's a value I've embraced since my early days working in customer service. In fact, I've been immersed in customer-focused roles since I was 14, starting in my mum's fish and chip shop. Those experiences taught me the importance of truly understanding people and their needs.

When it comes to adding value to our brokers, I believe in the power of genuine human connection. Instead of relying on emails, I prefer picking up the phone and engaging in conversations. By actively listening to our brokers, I can navigate even the most challenging discussions and provide real value to our partners. Whether it's addressing their concerns, offering guidance, or finding creative solutions, I'm committed to going the extra mile and exceeding their expectations.

One aspect that sets our agricultural underwriting team at ERS apart is our commitment to manually underwrite every policy. While we harness the power of data and use innovative technology to stay ahead in the market, we combine this with the expertise and intuition of our experienced underwriters. This blend allows us to provide tailored solutions and make informed decisions based on a deep understanding of the agricultural industry and the specific needs of our clients.

It’s really interesting to hear about the balance of technology and expertise. Tell us about the trends you’re seeing in the agriculture market right now.

Absolutely! One notable trend is the emergence of new businesses in Wales. It's truly inspiring to see families taking the leap and opening their own farms, contributing to the growth of the industry. However, it's also really important to acknowledge the economic pressures that agriculture fleets face. With the cost of equipment and vehicles on the rise, there's a need for comprehensive coverage to protect against potential risks. Unfortunately, we're also seeing an increase in theft, where valuable equipment and vehicles become targets.

As an underwriter, it's crucial for us to stay proactive and adaptable, ensuring our insurance solutions address these evolving needs. By staying on top of market trends and collaborating closely with our brokers, we can provide the tailored coverage and support that the agriculture sector requires.

Q: What's your main focus for the next six months?

Chloe: In the coming months, my main focus is to continue delivering exceptional service to our brokers while staying ahead of industry trends. I want to ensure that our processes are efficient and streamlined, allowing us to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. Additionally, I'm eager to deepen our relationships with brokers through effective communication and personalised support. By understanding their unique challenges and goals, we can strengthen our partnerships and create long-lasting connections.

Why does ERS stand out as an attractive partner to brokers?

ERS stands out for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, and as I mentioned, our commitment to manually rating policies sets us apart from our competitors. This personalised approach allows us to negotiate and tailor solutions that best fit the specific needs of our brokers and their clients.

Additionally, we prioritise clear and transparent communication, making it easy for brokers to explain policy terms to their customers. Simplicity and understanding are at the core of what we do. Lastly, our collaborative and supportive team culture ensures that brokers have a dedicated partner who genuinely cares about their success.

OK, this all sounds great. But let’s hear more about you, Chloe! What do you enjoy getting up to outside of working hours?

Chloe: Of course! When I'm not busy with work, you'll find me watching movies. From blockbusters to independent gems, I have an eclectic taste that spans across different genres. Whether it's a heart-warming Disney animation or a spine-chilling horror film, I appreciate the art of storytelling in all its forms.

If you weren't working in agricultural motor insurance, what would your dream job be?

Ah, the classic "dream job" question! If I weren't working in agricultural motor insurance, I’d love to be a film critic. Combining my love for movies and my passion for storytelling (I studied English Literature at university), I’d relish the opportunity to analyse and share my thoughts on films.

Thanks so much Chloe, it was great to get to know you – and huge luck in your new role.

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