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Prestige theft: Low-tech solutions to high-tech problems

After making a substantial investment in a luxury car, to have it stolen using nothing more than a pair of radio transmitters is devastating. With incidents of prestige vehicle theft on the increase, could low-tech Faraday Bags be the answer to this high-tech problem? Welcome to the world of keyless car theft.

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Getting on the (mini)bus is easier than ever with ERS eTrade

Every day thousands of people are ferried around their communities via minibuses. They transport school children to field trips; they get care workers out to their facilities on time each morning; they allow charities to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people enjoy a more active in their local area.

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ERS announce record profit and 96.1% COR

We're pleased to announce our highest profit to date since we were bought by Aquiline in 2013. The 2018 results, which report a profit of £11.1m (£12.2m loss in 2017), a Combined Operating Ratio (COR%) of 96.1% (104.9% in 2017), reflect our strategy to focus on the most specialist motor risks and to underwrite for profit, not volume. 

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Giraffes, Golf Clubs and Garden Centres...

Scott Tillbrook, Head of ERS Agriculture and Commercial, shares his highlights and insights from our February ERS Presents: Agriculture events

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Is an electric classic still a classic?

It’s not generally considered good practice to populate your company’s blog with dirty words. Yet in one of our core specialisms – the Enthusiast auto market – ‘modification’ is a term that can cause significant offence. When you’re dealing with aged vehicles many drivers feel were built to perfection, the verb ‘to modify’ does not mean to enhance; to some it means to inflict damage.

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Are friends electric? The Great Big Electric Debate by Jonny Smith

We have seen the rise in sales and – I think – big shift towards acceptance of – electric new cars in the last few years. Tesla has acted as the poster child of making EVs (electric vehicles) desirable, tech-sexy and able to embarrass fossil fuel propelled machines. The other more established car brands are now following in hot pursuit. Jaguar, Nissan, BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Audi, Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen and others are bringing EVs to market that intend to coax us out of diesels and into emission-free guilt-free tax-escaping luxury.

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Giving our brokers more competitive prices in real-time, with Insurer Hosted Pricing

As we continue to look at new ways of improving the service we offer to brokers and their customers, we’re excited to announce a change to our pricing of classic car risks, with the introduction of Insurer Hosted Pricing (IHP) technology.

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ERS returns to The London Classic Car Show, the UK’s most prestigious car event, offering a bumper filled four days

Specialist motor insurer, ERS, is excited to return to this year’s ‘The London Classic Car Show’ as the Official Motor Insurance Partner

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ERS Leisure and Recreation

We speak to brokers every day of the week in relation to our Farm Plan and Horse Box product, but the reality is that our conversations often stretch well beyond the barn, pasture or paddock. That’s why, for 2019 we are launching a new product that sits alongside our existing Agriculture products, Leisure and Recreation

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ERS announce new Agricultural motor insurance product

Giraffes, Golf Clubs and Garden Centres - ERS announce new Agricultural motor insurance product to support varied Leisure and Recreation insurance needs

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