Motor insurance is so much more than just a policy to customers, it’s piece of mind and protection for a cherished vehicle or a livelihood, which is why it takes a specialist approach to provide the right cover. ERS has over 75 years’ experience providing tailored motor insurance solutions for a range of vehicles and driving needs. From extravagant supercars and classics to working fleets, agriculture machinery, modified catering trucks, taxis, minibuses and more.

Our ERS Stories, gets under the bonnet of some of the vehicles we cover with our broker partners; sharing incredible stories of fantastic vehicles, their drivers and the brilliant things they do.

Safeguarding 100 years of motoring history on a single policy

Tacia Taid, Anglesey Transport Museum houses a diverse range of classic cars, motorcycles and even agricultural machinery spanning more than 100 years of automotive history. It’s a vast collection that presents a complex insurance challenge – just the ticket for ERS’s expert Enthusiast underwriters.

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Inspired customer service for inspired car collections

When a High Net Worth client was struggling to find an insurer capable of insuring his latest supercar, ERS was able to go beyond all expectations and provide cover not just for the new vehicle, but for an entire Supercar Collection.

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Keeping mobile catering going at a time of crisis

As the Covid crisis forced many not-for-profit organisations across the UK to close their physical premises, we helped one homeless charity carry on serving food in the local community with a bespoke motor policy for its specialist catering van.

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Insuring complex motorhome risks to help policyholders pursue their travelling adventures

When mainstream insurers turned their back on a new motorhome customer with a complex risk profile, ERS came to the rescue, providing instant cover and a pathway towards getting their modified motorhome on the road for the first time.

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Getting Britain’s military motoring with bespoke insurance

Schemes & Affinities

With the British Army increasingly reliant on overseas soldiers, we’ve been working with Forces Solutions to help support Gurkhas in the UK, providing bespoke motor cover that recognises their unique circumstances and gets them out of the barracks and onto our roads.

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